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Things I definitely would not spend money on: Part 2

New Dettol Notepad

OK, this thing. The touchless soap dispenser for the home. I have never, ever understood this. Because let’s look at the hand-washing process:

  • Your hands are dirty
  • You press the soap dispenser with your dirty hands
  • And then your hands are clean! And you don’t touch the dispenser again!

The soap dispenser is not the source of germs here, people. OK, I agree, it then sits on the counter with some germs on the pump. But if you honestly think your entire house isn’t crawling with germs already, then you need to read more.

Products like this prey on the paranoia about germs that many people have. And I don’t mean people with OCD. I mean people who think children shouldn’t get a little dirty or play with dogs. Or who try to disinfect every single thing they touch. People who want to hermetically seal whatever they can. I personally don’t think that’s healthy. I’ve heard that lots of studies say the kids who grow up with the best immune systems are the ones who grow up around pets and with germs.

Not dirt. I don’t propone dirtiness. First thing I do when I arrive at the office or home is wash my hands. I mop and scrub my apartment weekly, daily in the kitchen. I change my bedsheets weekly, and I shower twice a day. I just don’t think that a touchless soap dispenser will add to that. But it will create more landfill.

Also by the way, unless you also have a keyless entry system and you levitated to the sink and your taps have sensors….then you’ve touched stuff! Your germs are already in the house.  Sorry.

What do you think? Have I missed something? Or is this as silly as it seems to me?