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grandma banana

Remember that time we were all having turkey dinner and grandma said “I just really want to blow a random stranger”?

No. Neither do I. (Jesus, I really hope your nanna never said that). She’s more likely to have said “Do you know those cheeky blighters at the corner store tried to raise the price of milk by ten whole cents?

Now, while I do hope to enjoy a fulfilling sex life for many years to come (and thus will not settle for a conservative gentleman who packs his willy away a good 12 years earlier than his more liberal counterparts, according to this article!) I do not want to be in a situation where I have to film granny porn to make ends meet, when I am of a certain age.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Aside from…ok yes, it’s totally wrong.

Basically, I have a spending problem. A bad one. Always have. Hopefully, I’m intercepting the “always will” as we speak. I have decided to embark on a very (for me) ambitious journey. I will not spend money for TWELVE MONTHS. TWELVE WHOLE MONTHS. This is the time from Christmas to Christmas! This is the time from solstice to solstice!…if you just talk about one solstice, for instance the winter solstice and ignore the other solstice, for instance the summer solstice. This is the time between Game of Thrones season finales! It’s longer than it takes to cook a baby. It’s longer than most celebrity marriages. And it’s possibly longer than the time it takes for my brain to snap under the pressure.

I know I’m not the first to have this idea. Of course, I totally thought I was until I consulted the Google. While I can’t be arsed reading the other blogs right now (but I will!), I want to be clear – this is not a blog against consumerism. This is not an anti-spending blog. I don’t really have a problem with “the system” and I am not recommending that we all move to tiny sustainable houses and grow our own quinoa. I have a problem keeping money in my purse. For more than five minutes.  All this is, is a purely selfish experiment designed to (hopefully) teach me some lessons.

Namely, that having savings is important. And that the world won’t blow up if I can’t have something I want RIGHT NOW. I am 36 and have nothing saved. Not a penny. In fact, I’m in debt. There, I said it. I also don’t really have anything to show for the 20 years I’ve been working. No investment furniture, no expensive jewellery, no fake breasts, no trophy husband, no chateau in the south of France. Admittedly, there’s a lot of travel in there. And there’s 32 different apartments across 4 different countries (Rented! Not owned. Don’t have a chimney brick to my name). But it’s no excuse. I buy myself whatever I want, whenever I want. And I just decided today  – or earlier, depending on when you read this – that spending is the root of all evil.

The experiment hasn’t started yet. I can’t just start like that! Who do you think I am?! I have to do some prep work first. Alright…I have to quickly go buy anything I think I will REALLY need (such as new pillows. Dear god, how I need new pillows). And some other prep that I will write about here.

Let the games almost begin!

Update: They’ve begun!

Here are the rules I’m abiding, and some of the finer points.

Header Image Photo Credit: thewhitestdogalive via Compfight cc

  1. I shall support you in this endeavour to make sure you don’t spend a single groschy where none has to be spent. Frugal Frauen for the win 😉


  2. I think a lot of what you have written about is true. Good luck on your quest. I hope It goes well.


  3. I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award–check out my post to find out about it. It takes a bit of work, so I won’t be stressed if you don’t want to follow along.
    I look forward to your year of no spending, and will follow anxiously.


    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! 😀 What a great start to the day. I’m going to go and follow all the other bloggers – mostly because I know you have great taste! 😉 I’m not sure I’m even actually following 15 bloggers yet – I’m really new to this whole thing, so this might be something I have to come back to. Thanks so much for this! 🙂


  4. Love your blogging style. And your determination. Good luck 🙂

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  5. Well hello there! You found me and now it appears that I’ve found you and this grand experiment. And I must say, sounds quite interesting and really like something I should consider. 😀

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  6. AMAZEBALLS! Just found your blog. Loving that i get to read your latest adventures and your amazing writing style. You go girl! I am hooked. You have even inspired me to at least attempt to mend things rather then chucking it out and buying a new one. Now… how to get super glue off the kitchen bench.., dammit!

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    • Thank you, Stacey!! It’s only a couple of weeks in and already feels like a lifetime – all comments and support help me through 🙂 …and for the record I didn’t do such a good job with the superglue myself. The handbag is broken again… *sigh* I suppose practice will make perfect! Thanks again for coming over and commenting!


  7. I would highly recommend the book Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions. I think it might be the inspiration you need when you are struggling. It really puts each dollar into perspective and how much spending it actually costs and how much saving it will really earn you. I’m really looking forward to following you on your journey since I’m on a similar one to get out of debt. I don’t want to spam your page with my blog address but will be happy to provide it if you are interested! Good Luck! 🙂

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    • Thanks for the recommendation Britany! Checked it out on Amazon and it looks great! Might have to ask for it for Christmas 😉 Just found and followed your blog. Can’t wait to explore more! And thanks for stopping by!

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  8. Love this concept! I hope it is all going well for you!
    Love your writing too – so fun and quirky. I need to get writing again too.


  9. blackluminescence2

    A year?!
    That’s super amazing. I wish I had the determination to do something like that…. Or maybe I do. I’m probably just too lazy to find it .
    Keep ’em coming 🙂


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