Building Rome – Back on the rails

Photo Credit: Paolo Margari via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Paolo Margari via Compfight cc

Soooo, last week I posted my first ever goal list and then skipped off to Finland to ruin goal #1, before coming down with the black death and neglecting to lift a finger on goals #2 – 5.

Here’s what they were for last week, along with my progress updates.

  1. Financial: I will not spend any money (obeying these rules). Uh, so I didn’t really stick to this.
  2. Fitness: I will go to crossfit three times next week. Nope, not this either. I was way too sick to even go to work, let alone work out.
  3. Creative: I will get started (one page min) on the outline for the TV series idea I have. Also a big zero on this front. I was more concerned with keeping drool off my pillow and wondering how many tissues a human can use in one day.
  4. Health: I will take my own lunch to work each day next week. Here I get partial credit. I did bring lunch to work the only day and a half I was in, and the rest of the time, I only ate food I had cooked. When I was hungry at all, that is.
  5. Creative 2: I will write 2 pages for my chapter of the book I am cowriting with one of my BFFs. I think you can already guess where this one went.

However! I have still made some headway on some things. And the goals have changed slightly, perhaps expanded.

Here they are for this week, which is Week 42 of Green Ember’s Building Rome challenge:

  1. I will not spend any money So far – Finland excepted – so good.
  2. I will go to crossfit twice this week It’s not the usual 3 because I am building back up after the ‘flu. One already down one to go.
  3. I will bring my lunch each day this week. 3 from 3 so far!
  4. I will continue Sober October. This is going to be a BIG test. I am going to the Whiskey Festival with friends on Friday, and a very good friend is visiting this weekend. Not just any friend, an Irish friend. I have decided that for Friday and Saturday nights, “sobriety” will mean two standard drinks. Just for those two days, and only because these two events are pretty rare and special.
  5. I will add fermented food to my diet 3 times a week. This is to aid with gut healing – more on that below.
  6. I will do at least one page on any of my creative writing projects.
  7. Complete my German homework, and watch a half hour episode of a familiar show in German.

It’s a lot, but I am feeling 99% healthy again, and cooked up a huge batch of food on the first day of my sickness, before collapsing into bed for marathon 12-hour stretches.

I have been inspired to add fermented food to my diet (goal #5) after reading a series of really interesting posts on the Eat.Drink.WoD. Blog. The author decided to cut out a bunch of foods and increase others, to see what would happen and how she would feel. The results were pretty spectacular. If you want to read more:

Here are the rules she followed, and her motivation for starting.

Here is a revelation she had part-way through.

And here’s what she discovered at the end.

Happy reading, and good luck with your goals!


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36 years old. Reformed smoker. Unreformed drinker. Antisocial neighbour. Sometime shower-singer. Speaker of appalling German. On a quest to become a grown up. In all the good ways and none of the bad. Originally from Sydney (via Wales, Spain, and Newcastle, NSW) now living and working in god's country - aka Munich, Germany.

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! Keep me posted on how the addition of fermented foods goes for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! My kombucha arrived today – I had to order it from some obscure online pharmacy, but I’ve added sauerkraut and otherwise been following the same plan you stuck to. It’s only been under a week, but I feel great. Will post something when it’s been a full month. 🙂 And thanks again for writing that series!


  2. Okay I am going to have to come back after work and check out those articles. That sounds super interesting just from your description alone.

    Lot’s of great goals going on here! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh hell, did I infect you? I’m just back at work today after having been out since last Wednesday afternoon. Evidently there is a wicked upper respiratory virus going around over here. And not that it matters, but I went through an entire oversized box of kleenex one of the days I was home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, I think you had it way worse than me!! I was out for about 5 days in total, with another two at the tail end where I was fine but easily tired. Man, you got the really bad one 😦 Feeling better now? Oh, and you beat my tissue count hands down! 😀


  4. Sounds like whatever you had, you passed on to me. Hahaha! Glad to hear you’re better now and raring to go! You have so many goals there, and are achieving amazing results whilst I’m still thinking about what goals to set in place. Well done!


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