T minus 4 days


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I am reporting to you from the office (slow day, promise) because OMG I DON’T HAVE THE INTERNET AT HOME. There was some kind of confusion as to whether the new apartment needed a new modem. People came, people went, a lot of beeps were made, signals tested, things unscrewed (including my sanity)…and in the end, I apparently still need another part. That they will post. Via snail mail!

I have gone through 650MB of data on my cell, in FOUR days. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, I’m suffering. I’m really suffering. No BBC radio in the mornings, no dailymail (did the Kim Kardashian meltdown REALLY happen?), no blogs(!!), no spotify, no (ahem) totally legally watching my favourite shows online, lots of going cross-eyed trying to read long news items on a small screen, and mostly – no online shopping.

Which I guess is good because it’s T minus 4 days. Whatever I have not purchased by Sunday 10th August, simply does not get purchased. Well, for the next 12 months anyway. It’s scaring me, actually. I’m having doubts as to whether I can actually do it. As to whether it’s a good idea…then I look at my bank statements and I know it is. Something needs to change drastically, or I’ll end up like that woman who swears she can live off air alone.

I may or may not have been panic-shopping. Sort of at the same magnitude as people who believe in the zombie apocalypse, or the collapse of society after the Y2K bug (remember that whole thing?). I needed new boots, I needed new stockings to get me through the winter here, I needed overhead lights for the new place, and couldn’t the flower pots do with replacing? and and.

I realised I could pretty much keep finding excuses to stretch it out endlessly. And that there is no way to pre-account for every single possibility I will come across in the course of 12 months! I’m just going to have to make do, push the boat out, take the leap, metaphor, metaphor. So I have drawn the line in the shopping mall tiles, and from August 10th, 2014 to August 10th, 2015 these rules will apply.

I have a feeling I’m going to need my hand held. Everyone, clear your schedules.


Oh, and PS. In case you haven’t heard, I’m kind of a big deal around here. 😉

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36 years old. Reformed smoker. Unreformed drinker. Antisocial neighbour. Sometime shower-singer. Speaker of appalling German. On a quest to become a grown up. In all the good ways and none of the bad. Originally from Sydney (via Wales, Spain, and Newcastle, NSW) now living and working in god's country - aka Munich, Germany.

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  1. Another thing to think about is ~ how long does that new purchase create happiness for you? A new purse – maybe a day or a week, tops / A new car – maybe a month or two / a new gadget or app – maybe 20 minutes before the next one comes out! Happiness is about lowering your expectations just a little, and gaining the knowledge that it’s the experience towards and not the thing itself that creates joy. The anticipation is 98% of the joy. The destination seldom lives up to the expectation and even when it does, the vacation is over quickly. True joy and fulfillment come in small moments and can’t be purchased. Your pictures show that 😉
    Your e-Buddy,

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    • This is totally true. Sometimes after I’ve clicked “buy” I actually forget that I’ve ordered the thing I wanted so desperately five minutes before, and by the time it arrives in the post, I’m not that keen on it anymore anyway. Perhaps someone needs to invent an app where you just put things in a virtual trolley and check out – but nothing really happens. You just get the rush 🙂
      But I’m hoping that over time, as the ability to purchase is taken away from me, I will start really feeling like you’ve described above. It’s a lesson I definitely need to learn 🙂
      Thanks Ron!

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  2. A great post…. and I clicked to find out why you are such a big deal. Good luck getting ready over the next four days. I will be following.

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  3. You know, I can relate to your dilemma. It’s my birthday this month and I don’t know how many things I’ve treated myself to. Not because I ‘needed’ them, but because I ‘wanted’ them. Good luck with keeping your purse closed! 🙂


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